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Stories told through film that inspire action and change lives.

Voice For The Kids partners with Child Advocacy Centers, law enforcement agencies, and non-profits to share the work they do with the world. Through the medium of film, we tell your story, expand your reach, and inspire action from supporters, donors, and the children that need your support the most. To understand what this looks like - and feels like - for the organizations we support, take a look at a few of our recent projects.

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Recent Projects



Southmountain Children and Family Services

The Need

Southmountain Children and Family Services, located in Nebo, North Carolina, has been serving children and families for over a hundred years. The organization had evolved over over the last century and they needed a video that not only invited people into the present day reality of their organization, but also showcased the impact of their innovative and first-of-it’s-kind hybrid model. This model brings together the best aspects of Foster Care and Group Care to facilitate a world-class support system for children who have been displaced from their homes.

How We Helped

We spent three days at the Southmountain campus without cameras to build trust with the children and then returned a month later for a four day shoot. Interviews with staff highlighted the services provided within their hybrid model, while the docu-style imagery of the children in their element created an authentic and tangible bridge between the vision of Southmountain and their actual impact on the lives of the children they serve. The end result was a seven-minute film which creates a connection between Southmountain and their core audiance.


Children Advocacy Centers of North Carolina

The Need

The Children's Advocacy Centers of North Carolina is the state chapter organization responsible for organizing and coordinating the efforts of all 40 children's advocacy centers statewide. They wanted to create a video that showcased their presence and impact throughout the state while celebrating the social and geographical diversity of the communities they serve. They also wanted the video to educate North Carolinians on the important work of the child advocacy center and the statewide effort to protect children who have been sexually abused.

How We Helped

Working with their team, we decided to film "a day in the life of" reenactments with nine different children, at nine different Child Advocacy Centers throughout the state. From the eastern shores to the western mountains, we captured the experience of the child from the moment they enter the CAC until the moment they leave, detailing each step of the process. The process for each CAC is very similar, but each child, location, and surrounding area was different, allowing us to showcase regional efforts, while celebrating the state's diversity. The video on display is one of nine individual CAC videos that we produced in conjunction with the State Chapter video. Stay tuned for the launch of our new filmmaking page, where we will showcase the entire CACNC Series (January, 2019).