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Invite Sasha to share his journey at your event.

Sasha's life journey has brought him from sexual abuse victim, to survivor, to advocate. As part of this advocacy work, he travels the nation sharing his story and providing a voice for children that are traveling his same path. From Hawaii to upstate New York, he's had the privilege of providing keynote speeches, MDT training sessions, and fundraising support for organizations that are working every day to help serve and protect our children. Click here to see some of his recent work.

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We’ve had the best speakers in the world, and last year we had Sasha. Sasha did a fantastic job. He shared his story in a way that anybody could understand, but also in a way that law enforcement and the folks in this field could understand. It was compelling, exciting, and heart wrenching for 4,200 people from all 50 states and 28 other countries to sit there and shake their heads as Sasha told his story, talking about what could have been different for him had the appropriate systems been in place, and how we can help children today and in the future. Sasha did an absolutely fantastic job, and we plan to work with him again in the future.” - Lynn Davis, President and CEO of Dallas CAC

“We chose Sasha as the keynote speaker at our first conference, Hope Changes Everything: Child Abuse, Exploitation and Trafficking.  He is articulate, relatable, dynamic and a true testament to the resiliency of the human spirit.  Attendees were captivated by his journey of healing and empowerment. His delivery is genuine and engaging and he connects with the audience in a way that is powerful and meaningful. Sasha’s story of childhood victimization and finding the courage to speak out as a child provides a deeper understanding of the dynamics of childhood victimization. Sasha’s work gives a voice to those that are unable to advocate for themselves and truly provides inspiration and hope to all.” - Richelle Gregory, Executive Director Clinton County District Attorney's CAC

“Sasha’s case and experience was the impetus for the founding of our CAC in suburban Philadelphia. I first met Sasha in 2009, and was with him during his first few public appearances, and have had the privilege to watch him grow into a phenomenon. Sasha truly feels deeply about sharing his experiences honestly and openly so that other children can be helped and spared the trauma of the investigative process that he endured. He also has the exceptional ability to reach and communicate with child abuse professionals and team members, and remind them why and how we are all truly making a difference in the lives of child abuse victims. No matter the size of the audience, individually or in the thousands, he captivates and educates at the same time. I highly recommend Sasha in any speaking capacity.” - Abbie Newman, Executive Director of Missions Kids CAC